Thursday, 18 August 2011

5 of the Stupidest Beauty Myths

So you guys already know what this post is all about. The title says it all. So lets just skip the intro. But just in case you didn't understand what the title means, its basically 5 of the most ridiculous beauty tips I have ever heard.

Myth: Girls that are under the age of 17 should avoid buying or wearing makeup.
Truth: Its absolutely fine for younger girls wear make up. I'm barely 13, and I started collecting makeup when I was 12. Buying or wearing makeup isn't about how young or old you are, its about taking care of your skin  and how well you use your makeup. If you use your makeup well, but don't take care of your skin, you're just going to end up with acne and breakouts. but if you take care of your skin, but don't use your makeup, you just wasted money for all that makeup. Even if you just bought an eyeshadow worth $2 or $3 dollars, and don't use it, you are wasting that small amount of money, and you could have used it for something having a little more importance, like chewing gum.

Myth: Light and pale coloured makeup products make tan/dark/really dark skin look dead and dry.
Truth: I have tan skin, and I for one love light and pale colours on my skin. Especially the ones that are peach or pink for my cheeks. I love how subtle the colour looks and I love the way that it also brightens up my face. If excess product is used, than any product on any skintone would end up looking horrible on the face.

Myth: Wear colours that have a similar undertone to your face.
Truth: Its not necessary for you to wear makeup that has the same undertone as your face. Makeup is all about experimenting with various products. And I own so many products that I love that are absolutely different to the undertone of my face.

Myth: Wearing bold eyes and lips are a big no-no.
Truth: I have seen so many makeup looks that have bold eyes and bold lips. I think that bright green eyes with a bright coral lip looks fantastic. I also love blue eyes with hot pink lips looks gorgeous. The above statement is false, but only to a certain extent. One look that includes bold eyes and lips that I hate is the idea of having black eyes with teal lips, which I'm pretty sure no one wears (except on Halloween time)

Myth: Do not use sponge tips or your fingers to apply your makeup.
Truth: You can definitely use your fingers and sponge tips to apply your makeup. Sometimes, for some jobs, they actually work better than my brushes. All you have to make sure is that they are clean.

-Born to BEautify

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