Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My first Review: MAC Studio Moisture Tint

The Mac Studio Moisture Tint has an SPF 15 and is basically a tinted moisturiser available in 7 shades:
2)medium plus
3)dark plus
5)medium dark
7)and deep dark
PROS: The moisturiser is quite creamy and is easy to blend into the skin. It dries in about 1 to 1 and a half minutes and has a pretty good coverage considering it is a tinted moisturiser. If you would like to splurge a little bit on a tinted moisturiser for fall or winter, this would be a good choice. It leaves a very natural and almost satin finish behind. You could set it with a high coverage powder like the MAC Studio Fix powder or the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to get a higher coverage and a more matte finish.

CONS: You wouldn't like this tinted moisturiser too much for summer if you have really oily skin or if you live in a humid area. Since I live in a very humid area, the moisturiser feels oily and a tad bit sticky. It leaves a rather shiny finish than a satin one and feels a little uncomfortable and heavy on the skin too leaving a strange sensation behind.

Overall, this product isn't too good and neither is it too bad. If you are trying to look for a good tinted moisturiser that works well during any season throughout the year, and should be worth all your money spent, this wouldn't be a good choice. There are cheaper and better tinted moisturisers available in the drugstore which you might love.

Overall grade: 75%
Price: $30
Where you could find this product: MAC stores, maccosmetics.com

-Born to BEautify

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